What Asphalt Parking Lots Offer in the Winter

January, 23, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Asphalt repair in the winter

No exterior surface is safe from winter’s wrath in New England. Cold temperatures, biting winds, snow, and ice can all damage your property to some degree, which is why preventative maintenance and preparation are so important. That said, some materials are better at withstanding winter’s worst conditions than others. Asphalt might not be indestructible, but it’s useful in cold climates for several reasons. Here’s what asphalt parking lots have to offer during the winter.

Benefits of Asphalt Parking Lots in Winter

Affordable Durability and Flexibility

It’s true that asphalt isn’t quite as tough as concrete. However, this doesn’t mean that asphalt lacks in the durability department. On the contrary, asphalt surfaces can endure plenty of pressure – better yet, this material is more flexible than concrete, so it has some room to breathe as temperatures fluctuate and moisture intrudes (concrete is more prone to fracturing and spalling under these circumstances). Plus, if you’re on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that asphalt is less expensive to install than concrete.

Heat Absorption for Melting Snow and Ice

Asphalt is easily identifiable by its black coloration (hence its other name: blacktop). This dark appearance primarily derives from Bitumen (distilled petroleum), and it offers more than just aesthetic appeal. As you might already know from experience, darker surfaces absorb light, causing them to heat up when exposed long enough. On hot summer days, you might recoil after touching your bare feet or hands to blacktop – in winter, however, this heat absorption is welcome. Though snow will still accumulate on asphalt surfaces during more severe storms, snow and ice will melt more quickly on blacktop than on concrete or other light surfaces. Hiring snow plowing services will help you combat major accumulations on your parking lot, and the asphalt will help you maintain a clear lot after the fact.


The asphalt advantages don’t end there. Asphalt is also relatively easy to repair after it’s undergone damage. You won’t be able to invest in a complete asphalt paving or resurfacing job during winter, but you can still fix minor asphalt issues throughout the season. Patching asphalt potholes during winter, for instance, involves a temporary solution known as cold patching – these patches won’t last forever, but they can protect your parking lot from snow and ice all winter long. You can take care of other small asphalt repair projects during winter, too, such as filling small cracks. Keep in mind that it’s best to ensure your asphalt is sturdy and secure prior to winter’s worst weather so you don’t have to worry about making these repairs during the cold season.

Asphalt Has a Lot to Offer this Winter

There’s no escaping the fact that winter will take a toll on your asphalt parking lot. That said, asphalt is designed to do its best despite the cold climate. At Cassidy Paving, we offer our asphalt services year-round so you can maintain your parking lot and/or driveway and prepare it for whatever conditions come its way. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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