What Asphalt Maintenance Services to Plan Going into the New Year

December, 23, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
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The entrance of a new year is a time to reflect and unwind. If you want to stay ahead of the curve on renovations, however, it’s also a good time to start making various plans. Taking good care of your asphalt surfaces all winter long will reduce the number and severity of repairs you’ll have to worry about later on in 2022. That said, some repairs may be long overdue, and you might need to wait until things warm up to tackle them. Whatever the case, the sooner you start preparing, the better. Here are some asphalt maintenance services to plan as we dive headfirst into the new year.

What Asphalt Maintenance Services to Get

Patch Holes and Cracks

This is something you can do both during and after winter when conditions allow, though asphalt crack repair is admittedly more difficult and less enduring when performed in cold conditions. Indeed, cold patching offers an effective but temporary solution to larger cracks and potholes. By the time spring rolls around, you may need to refill these openings and/or repave for a longer-lasting solution. You shouldn’t neglect the cracks and holes in your asphalt during winter, however, as doing so will create further problems later on. Simply put, it’s a good idea to temporarily fill holes and cracks in winter so you have less work to do in the spring and beyond.

Don’t Delay on Drain Inspections

Moisture comes in many forms, including snow, sleet, and rain -- and regardless of how it ends up on your asphalt, it can do damage when left alone. Your asphalt’s drainage system is designed to prevent water from pooling up, but it doesn’t always get the job done. Excessive precipitation can overwhelm drains, and drains can also lose their efficiency or stop working altogether over the years. As you create an asphalt maintenance plan for 2022, be sure to include a professional drain inspection so your driveway or parking lot is ready for the worst weather.

Set up Snow Clearing Services

Winter tends to overstay its welcome in regions like New England, which means snow might continue to fall as late as April. Even if you haven’t experienced a major snowfall yet, you don’t want your asphalt to get covered with a blanket of snow without an efficient solution at the ready. Do yourself and your asphalt a favor, then, and partner up with a reliable snow and ice removal company that will quickly clear your parking lot or driveway shortly after a major storm.

Plan to Pave in the Spring

Right now spring might seem lightyears away, but it will return soon enough -- when it does, you’ll want to be first in line for the asphalt services your property requires. Indeed, spring is when work picks up for asphalt paving contractors, seeing as major paving projects cannot take place during the winter. So, if you know your lot or driveway will need to be freshly paved this year, scheduling your services during the winter will afford you the best schedule, services, and rate.

Time doesn’t slow down for anyone, and 2022 is right around the corner. Are you prepared to give your asphalt surfaces the care and attention they deserve? Cassidy Paving is here to help. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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