Understanding a Commercial Snow Removal Contract

October, 24, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Any maintenance for your commercial property often comes with months of planning, and this includes choosing a snow removal company. Oftentimes, hiring snow removers requires a contractual agreement, and Cassidy Paving wants you to fully understand what you’re getting into with your new deal. The winters in Massachusetts are filled with snow and freezing temperatures, so you will want to have a snow removal company with the expertise and equipment as soon as the first snowstorm hits.

Understanding Your Contract

Each contractor you consider working with will have very different options for removing snow from your commercial property. The choices are often broken down between the amount of time it takes to remove the snow from one’s property, and materials used to get your project done. We understand that with business owners, things can change with little to no notice and we want to make our services easy for you to use and understand. At Cassidy Paving, we make the contractual part easy. Both of our industrial and commercial snow removal contracts are scalable and flexible. We write our contracts on a per season, per storm, or per push basis. For the per season option, there is one set price no matter how much snow or ice falls. It is paid over 4 or 12 months. If the per storm contract sounds more fitting for your needs, you would be charged one set price no matter how much snow or ice falls during a storm or season. This is an excellent option for those with busy lots or driveways in states like Massachusetts who have heavy snowfall each year. We also do contracts per push and that price is determined based on the amount of snow that falls during any particular storm. We will walk you through these options to choose which contract works best for you and your business.

Understanding Your Services

Once you have a good grasp on what contract you will use, make sure you understand what it comes with. Cassidy Paving makes sure that our services thoroughly cover your property by walking the entire site and marking curbs, fire hydrants, and other hazards. We want to do our job as safely as possible without causing anything on your property harm. Your contract, no matter which you choose, will also come with 100% pure salt application. This is our preference because it's a much safer option as it adds traction and melts ice. It also helps maintain the traction of your vehicle making it safe regardless of freezing temperatures. You will want to understand what your services mean as far as how quickly you will be serviced when you need snow removal help. We pride ourselves on a full line of snow removal equipment and always having fuel and salt stockpiled. Because of our preparedness, your wait will be minimal.

Hire the Professionals

Now is the best time of year to find a snow removal company. You don’t want to wait for the snow to fall before you have someone contracted for your commercial property. We offer fast and reliable service as well as invoicing within 48 hours after we remove your snow. Give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788 to discuss your needs.
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