Top Three Enemies of Asphalt Paving

July, 22, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Even though asphalt pavement is durable, reliable, and efficient, it still has a few enemies that make it vulnerable. Cassidy Paving has many years of experience with detecting and repairing issues caused by a variety of deterioration factors. Our residential, industrial, and commercial asphalt customers can all be the victim of one of these common culprits. Here’s what to look for and how the experts at Cassidy Paving work to resolve these issues.

The Biggest Harms to Asphalt Pavement

Standing Water

The worst thing for asphalt paving in any form is standing and/or pooling water. Any kind of standing water on the surface can weaken the material. If your parking lot, roadway, or other asphalt addition is not properly maintained, water can seep through causing cracks, potholes, reveling, and other forms of failure. Over time, if not treated, water will leave your pavement virtually unrepairable and you will need to do a complete replacement. If you find that your pavement is accumulating water, give the Cassidy Paving team a call. There are ways to fix this before a total replacement is required. Our top solution for addressing standing water is sealcoating. By applying sealcoating as needed, your asphalt will be protected from the effects of water. Another option could also be porous pavement that does not require sealcoating and passes water directly through to the subbase without compromising the driving surface.

Sun Exposure

Sunlight is helpful for driving, but not so helpful for the strength of your pavement. Exposure to the sun 365 days a year takes its toll on just about any material, pavement not excluded. The sun literally cooks your asphalt pavement and makes the surface brittle. The more exposure to UV rays, the more susceptible your pavement is to the other elements. The solution that we can offer to asphalt that is consistently exposed to sunlight is sealcoating. Just like the option for standing water, a fresh sealcoat will protect your asphalt pavement from all sorts of elements. Imagine the sealcoat as the sunscreen and the asphalt is your skin. Reapplying this sealer will be necessary over time, but it is your best option to keep the UV rays at bay.

Heavy Loads

Your pavement is made to be driven on but repeated overloading can cause cracks and rutting. Asphalt does have a weight limit and cannot withstand excess weight over long periods of time. If your aggregate and subbase are not specified for large trucks and heavy loads, they will crack. Making sure that your asphalt is built for your exact needs is an important step in the paving process. The proper installation will ensure that you get what you need for the types of vehicles that will use it the most. Cassidy Paving always inspects the area and asks the important questions about usage before the first layer of pavement is ever applied.

Hire the Experts

The great thing about the technicians at Cassidy Paving is that we understand what the enemies of asphalt are and we know how to protect against them. We offer free estimates to customers across Massachusetts. If you’re ready to work with the experts on your paving project, give us a call today at 866-978-9788.
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