Top 5 Tips for Fixing Church Parking Lot Paving Before Easter

February, 12, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Christmas has come and gone, which means Easter is right around the corner. With all the snow New England has been receiving in recent weeks, it’s almost hard to believe that the season of renewal is nearly upon us. Indeed, it won’t be long until your congregation is back in full force – will your church’s parking lot be prepared to accommodate everyone? Here are our top five tips for fixing your church parking lot paving in time for Easter services.

1. Stay on Top of Snow Removal Until Spring

As New Englanders, we’re all well aware that winter weather can continue all the way through April (sometimes even early May). So, even though spring officially begins in March, it’s unwise to assume that snow will no longer be a problem up until and after Easter. If you want to keep your parking lot in decent shape, you must continue your snow removal efforts as long as they’re necessary. Otherwise, your parking lot may get buried in April – and even if your region doesn’t experience too much snow in early spring, mild accumulation can still damage your asphalt.

2. Patch Holes and Cracks

As winter comes to its close, you’re bound to find numerous cracks and holes throughout your asphalt surfaces. It’s important to fill these gaps early on while they’re still easily manageable. Waiting too long to invest in this minor parking lot repair will eventually result in deeper, larger problems that require more expensive and time-consuming solutions. Fixing these problems early in the season will also prevent the spring rain from doing more damage to existing holes and cracks.

3. Consider Sealcoating

Few methods are more efficient at restoring your asphalt’s appearance and protecting its surfaces than blacktop sealcoating. Though not necessary every time, sealcoating after repairing potholes and cracks will help you keep your parking lot in great shape all season long – this is especially important around Easter, since this is one of the times your church asphalt parking lot will undergo significant stress.

4. Restripe if Necessary

The lines drawn on the surfaces of any commercial parking lot will naturally fade over time. This wearing down occurs even more rapidly during winter as snow and ice dissolve the white and yellow paint. When these lines become barely visible, your parking lot can quickly turn into an arena of chaos as people struggle to park in straight lines or venture into undesignated areas. Needless to say, these outcomes are frustrating and unsafe for everyone. To ensure the most orderly Easter services this year, you may need to restripe your parking lot on a dry, warm day well in advance so everything dries properly.

5. Call a Contractor Sooner Rather than Later

Easter is about two months away – this might seem like a long time in some sense, but the holiday will arrive before you know it. Moreover, commercial paving contractors kick things back into full gear starting in spring, meaning their calendars quickly fill up around this time. Do yourself a favor and schedule any and all asphalt services as soon as possible. The sooner you get your name in a contractor’s book, the easier it will be to schedule services according to your congregation’s needs. If you wait too long, your lot might not receive the care it requires in time for Easter.

A New Beginning for Your Church Parking Lot

Easter and the spring season represent a fresh start – what better time to renew your parking lot? At Cassidy Paving, we work year-round to repair and improve asphalt surfaces of all kinds. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next church parking lot project.

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