Top 3 Reasons to Maintain and Prep Asphalt During the Winter

November, 04, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Walkway shoveled from snow

Winter isn’t kind to asphalt surfaces. There’s no stopping mother nature, but there are ways to keep your parking lot and/or driveway in decent shape despite chilly, snowy conditions. While tasks like parking lot paving are off the menu during winter in New England (as ground temperatures are too low to accommodate property hot-mix application), you shouldn’t write off asphalt prep and maintenance entirely. Let’s go over the top three reasons to maintain and prep your asphalt during the winter.

Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance

1. Seal Cracks from Snow and Ice

As mentioned above, asphalt paving contractors put their paving services on hold during the cold weather -- they can still perform other important asphalt projects, however. Asphalt crack repair, for instance, can occur during any season. Of course, it’s much easier for professionals to properly fill cracks in your driveway or parking lot prior to winter. If your asphalt needs immediate attention, however, the right products and techniques can be used despite the cold weather (so long as the surface is completely dry). Filling these openings before and during winter is key in minimizing the negative effects of the season, as moisture can easily seep into your asphalt, freeze, and lead to further fracturing.

2. Reduce Winter’s Impact on Your Asphalt

Indeed, while you should tackle the majority of asphalt prep work and repairs before winter enters in full force, there’s still work to be done all winter long if you want to keep your asphalt in decent condition. Namely, you’ll want to actively keep snow and ice off your asphalt surfaces. Even if your parking lot or driveway is in great shape, the constant freezing and thawing of moisture can wreak havoc on their surfaces. An abundance of snow and ice on your driving and walking surfaces also become major safety hazards, reducing visibility and traction. For the sake of your property and people, keep a shovel, snow blower, and de-icing agent at the ready. And if you can’t handle this task yourself, hire snow clearing services for the season.

3. Save Time and Money When Spring Arrives

The saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this certainly applies to asphalt maintenance and preparation. The better care you provide for your asphalt during its most dire straits, the less you’ll have to worry about when the weather calms down. Many people wait until spring to tackle asphalt services like paving -- tasks like these are far less costly and time-consuming if your contractors don’t have to make a multitude of repairs beforehand. In other words, if you neglect your asphalt during the winter, you’ll likely be kicking yourself once spring arrives. Conversely, you’ll thank yourself later by keeping your parking lot or driveway in good shape all winter long.

Don’t Let Winter Wear Out Your Asphalt

Winters in the New England area are notoriously cold and aggressive. Give your asphalt features a fighting chance this season with proper maintenance and preparation. The experts at Cassidy Paving are here to help you with anything asphalt-related year-round. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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