Top 3 Long-Term Outcomes of Short-Term Asphalt Maintenance with a Commercial Paving Company

May, 20, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Asphalt paving on a parking lot

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This adage certainly holds true when it comes to caring for your asphalt surfaces. Filling cracks and patching potholes aren’t major tasks, but they can have a major impact on your bottom line when performed properly. Here are the top three long-term outcomes of receiving short-term asphalt maintenance from an experienced commercial paving company.

Top 3 Long-Term Outcomes of Short-Term Asphalt Maintenance

1. Prevent Further Damage and Deterioration

Asphalt issues pile up exponentially the longer you wait to address them. Even a tiny fracture allows moisture, dirt, bacteria, and other particles to enter and cause additional damage. Before long, that small breach can transform into a major rift or a network of cracks that spread across your parking lot. It’s imperative, then, to take care of little problems early on. Performing regular inspections is a key part of asphalt maintenance, revealing otherwise unseen problems at their earliest stages so they can be dealt with quickly and easily. By filling that fracture when it’s still thin and shallow you block off any avenue for further environmental damage, at least for a while.

2. Save Money in the Long Run

Asphalt maintenance services aren’t free, but the price you pay a paving contractor is largely based on the nature and severity of the problem at hand. Simply put, the bigger the issue, the more it costs to fix it. It’s much more expensive to invest in resurfacing, milling, or a full-depth reconstruction than it is to have some cracks filled throughout your driveway or parking lot. Best of all, receiving high-quality repairs and maintenance services means that you won’t need to worry about additional repairs for quite some time – this results in fewer disruptions and additional savings. Teaming up with a reliable commercial paving company allows you to set a service schedule and payment system that keeps you consistent with your operational and budgetary needs.

3. Extend Your Asphalt’s Life by Several Years

An asphalt parking lot can last as long as 25 years (in some cases a bit longer). However, this quarter-century existence is not pre-determined. Some intervention is required to squeeze the most out of any asphalt surface. Staying on top of short-term asphalt maintenance can result in significant lifespan extensions by preventing severe deterioration as mentioned above. For most asphalt surfaces, the first five years of life don’t require too much repair work, though sealcoating, regular cleaning, and periodic inspections are recommended. Between five and seven years, small cracks tend to form – this is a crucial juncture for your asphalt. Taking care of minor repairs at this stage can extend your asphalt’s life 7-10 years. After that point, more significant repairs might be required until it’s ultimately time to resurface your asphalt or start from scratch. Still, your parking lot, driveway, or road probably won’t even make it past the decade mark if you don’t invest in proper short-term maintenance.

Don’t Short Your Asphalt

If you want your asphalt to stick around a long time and not burn a hole through your wallet in the process, proper asphalt maintenance is an essential investment. There is no shortage of commercial paving companies throughout New England, but Cassidy Paving offers superior service, experience, and resources. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project!

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