Tips for Finding the Best Asphalt Contractor

August, 05, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Finding the best contractor for your next asphalt paving project can feel overwhelming. There are many asphalt contractors throughout New England, and you may not be sure where to begin. Before signing any contracts, though, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you’re working with a company that can deliver the highest-quality asphalt paving services for your needs.

Do Research Online

An easy way to conduct some preliminary research on local asphalt services is online. Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook are great places to start. You’ll be able to see a variety of feedback from real people without investing too much time looking in the wrong place. After you’ve searched in your area for asphalt installers, you can make a shortlist of the ones that seem the most reliable to follow up with later.

Ask for Referrals

Just like with any other service you’re interested in, asking your trusted friends and colleagues for referrals is a great way to find the best asphalt companies in your area. Chances are, someone you know owns a home or business that’s had a recent parking lot repair or driveway repavement. These are the best people to ask for recommendations. You will be able to ask them firsthand about dealing with companies before, during, and after the asphalt paving is completed. This is a great way to build on and refine your list from your online research.

Interview Before Hiring

Once you’ve decided on at least three companies that you’d be interested in getting more information from, it is time to make a call. Most asphalt paving contractors are willing to give you a free estimate on your parking lot paving or residential driveway project. When you have a professional come out to your property, this is the best time to ask questions about the specifics of your project. You should inquire about materials, timelines, maintenance options, and any other questions that you have. There is no such thing as asking too many questions during this initial meeting. You should also ask each company to give you the specifics on their insurance, certifications, and other credentials.

Confirm Credentials

After you’ve received the estimate from your meeting with potential asphalt contractors, you should take some extra time to confirm their credentials. Although most people want to take this information at face value, you could regret not verifying your shortlisted contractors’ credentials and insurance policies. Things change every day, and a company that had insurance last week could have let it lapse this week, leaving you to foot the bill if something goes wrong with your paving project.

Review the Contract

After you’ve followed all of the other tips listed, the last thing you can do to ensure you’re working with the best contractor for your project is to read the fine print on the contract. Does the company offer a maintenance plan? Do they have a warranty or guarantee for faulty work? Do you understand the terms of your agreement? These are all important things to keep track of, and most contractors will be glad to go over the specifics of your project’s contract and scope.

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