Three Ways Snow Impacts Asphalt Pavement

November, 13, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Massachusetts is notorious for its long and frigid winters. Almost every facet of life is affected during the cold months. Asphalt pavement is no exception. Snow can have a big impact on safe driving and the usability of your asphalt. Cassidy Paving understands that there are significant precautions that drivers and pedestrians must take in the winter in order to get to and from their daily routine in the safest way possible. Here are the ways snow impacts your asphalt pavement and the ways to avoid them.

Freeze and Thaw Cycle

The biggest impact that the snow and freezing temperatures have on your asphalt pavement is the freeze and thaw cycle. The National Snow & Ice Data Center defines the freeze/thaw cycle as simply: “freezing of a material followed by thawing”. The expansion and contraction that asphalt goes through during this cycle can cause massive damage. If your parking lot, driveway, or another asphalt surface always displays wear and tear in the form of potholes and cracks, these will only be exasperated once the temperatures drop. Water will always find a way through the pavement, especially if there are already existing cracks. Upon freezing, that water will extend beyond the spaces that already exist.

Controlling the Snow

Once the snow and ice settle in, the only thing we can do is find ways to work around it. People in the New England area are used to long winters and life must continue as usual. Luckily, controlling the snow and ice on your property can be done. The best ways to melt the snow include salt and other deicers. Cassidy Paving keeps plenty of salt in stock to get your parking lots and driveways in working condition. While these are fine to use on your asphalt, if you have any surrounding concrete it can be harmed by using salt. Also, there are environmental disadvantages to using salt, but it is the best deicer in a New England climate. Snow and ice can be very dangerous to drive on and should be either salted or at the very least, sanded when the time comes.

Pooling Water

When temperatures begin to rise again, the blacktop of your asphalt will absorb the warmth from the sun and melt any ice and snow quickly. This is one great benefit of using asphalt pavement. Upon melting, you may have a situation where you notice pooling water that you may have not seen before. If water is pooling, that can mean you have drainage issues. These are very common, especially after a long winter. An asphalt contractor like Cassidy Paving can help determine the cause of the drain blockage and help you to resolve them. Prior to winter, it can be helpful to have your asphalt inspected and repairs made so that as the freeze and thaw cycle starts it won’t damage your pavement.

Get Professional Help

If you’ve noticed some issues in your asphalt prior to the winter or winter has come and gone leaving concerns for you, give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788. We can help with everything from commercial snow removal to drainage reconstruction. Spotting problems and fixing them early is the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future.
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