Three Tips for Better Asphalt Drainage

August, 04, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
The number one enemy for your asphalt will always be water. Professional contractors, like Cassidy Paving, understand this and will do everything possible to ensure that your pavement drains appropriately. If you are having issues with your current asphalt pavement or you are considering a new asphalt project soon, here are some tips to follow to extend its life with proper water drainage. Don’t get caught with pooling or standing water in your parking lot or driveway.

How to Improve Asphalt Drainage

Plan Ahead

If you are beginning an asphalt project, you want to plan ahead for the chance of significant water accumulation. The worst thing you can do is to add asphalt to an area where you have no idea how the water drains. Cassidy Paving has experts on staff that are well-versed in water drainage planning for parking lots, driveways, and everything in between. It has more to do with proper engineering techniques like slope and soil quality than some may realize. Don’t leave this important step up to chance. Always hire a contractor that knows the area and can give you customized results on your particular water drainage system. Just because someone can lay asphalt does not mean they understand the intricacies of water drainage planning.


For existing asphalt pavement, you can still add sealcoating to preserve what you already have. To protect your parking lot or driveway sealcoating should have been done after it initially cured. Then sealcoating will be completed every 1-3 years depending on the wear and tear of your pavement. If you are not sure when the last time your sealcoat was applied, or if you’re seeing an increased number of cracks, give Cassidy Paving a call as soon as possible. Sealcoating can also stop leaks in their tracks before it becomes a drastic problem. A full drainage plan will always include a schedule for applying and reapplying your sealcoat. Our technicians will work with you on the best timeline for your situation.

Porous Pavement

The best way to encourage natural water drainage is with a pavement material that lets the water flow in the direction(s) it needs to. Porous pavement is a special pavement type that allows water to seep through to its subbase and sends it naturally through local waterways. If you are looking to be as sustainable and green as possible in your construction, porous pavement is the way to go. It is extremely durable and does not require as much upkeep as traditional asphalt paving.

Set Your Plan Today

If you’re ready to say “goodbye” to your asphalt pavement drainage issues, Cassidy Paving is here to help. We know how frustrating standing water can be for your home or business. Our teams have seen everything and can get your lot draining water appropriately. Don’t wait any longer. Call our team today at 866-978-9788 to get a free estimate wherever you are in Massachusetts. We can use everything in our toolbox for your drainage plan or work with you to get just what you need while staying on budget.
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