Three Reasons to Consider a Career in Asphalt Paving

August, 25, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

The Cassidy Paving crew takes pride in our many years of asphalt paving experience. Members of the crew have come to their careers by many different paths, but one thing remains true: asphalt paving is an excellent career choice. We look for the best people for our team. Once they join, they tend to stick around for many reasons including compensation and culture. Our crews are made up of dedicated and experienced professionals who’ve dedicated years towards their craft. Our team is known in the area for our wealth of knowledge and skilled abilities. If you are looking for a new career or you are already considering a career in asphalt, here are the reasons to consider a position in the paving industry.

Job Security

If you’ve recently found yourself in a situation where you lacked job security, a career in asphalt paving may be just what you need. There is infinite job security in this field because there are always roads to build, repair, and maintain and there are enough projects in areas across the country to keep an asphalt contractor busy year-round. Regardless of the state of the economy, you can count on the asphalt business to remain vibrant due to the vital role that we play in public service. According to Forbes Magazine, Massachusetts ranks in the top 20 best states for business and “attracts the third most venture capital money in the U.S.” Therefore, there are consistently new constructions being built with new roads and parking lot needs. If you’re looking for a team environment that allows you to work with your hands and relies on those individuals that are mechanically inclined, a career in asphalt is the job for you. We have amazing benefits and perks for our employees that can compete with any of our competitors.

Climbing the Career Ladder

At Cassidy Paving and many other asphalt paving companies, you will find that the advancement opportunities are there for those interested in them. There are many levels of positions within asphalt pavement from general laborers to superintendents. Also, the variety of machinery required on a job site will require you to be familiar and able to operate each type. As you learn the machines, you will find yourself moving up the asphalt paving career ladder. If you don’t have years of experience, you can start in our company and work your way up to management positions within a few years. If you’re willing to put in the work and take advantage of the professional and educational opportunities within the field, you will see the work payoff.

Join Cassidy Paving

Developing a career in the asphalt industry has to start somewhere and the Cassidy Paving team is always interested in adding hardworking team members to our group. If you’re looking to be a part of a professional crew that has a reputation for providing the best asphalt services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, reach out to us today at or 866-978-9788.

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