Three Factors That Influence Your Paving Project Timeline

September, 14, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Cassidy Paving understands that our customers expect their new driveways, parking lots, and roads to be finished in a timely manner, and we work hard to deliver your project on time. Although we account for a variety of factors in the initial time frame estimate, there may be various factors that influence your paving project timeline. If you understand the types of occurrences and hurdles we face and have to overcome in order to get the project completed, it can help tailor your expectations to a realistic timeline before the project even begins.

Permitting and Approvals

Especially within city limits or part of an HOA, we will need to obtain the proper permits and approvals before starting your paving project. We cannot legally move forward without these approvals. Another factor in the beginning stages is utility location. We will work with the local utilities to locate and ensure that we are not digging or doing work where it could affect power, water, cable, etc. Usually, these can be taken care of pretty quickly, but in rare instances, we may have trouble getting those plans and permits as soon as a customer would like. The hold up may not even be on the contractor’s end. It is wise to understand these limitations in regards to setting up your timeline and expectations for your paving project, especially once we have to bring a third party in to get something approved.

The Weather

Another factor we don’t have control over and that can add an additional day or two to the time, is the weather. There are certain times of the year where paving can be done more quickly than others. The warmer the weather, the better. But because we are in Massachusetts, there are weather conditions that can bring a paving project to a halt. Any excessive rain or snow will put a damper on your paving project timeline. We will work with you to schedule the best time around the forecast to start your project and work as fast as possible to get it completed before any fronts come in. Especially during warmer months, we are typically able to provide a more accurate and efficient timeline since the weather is a little more predictable. However, even the best-made plans sometimes have to be paused due to weather and we will implement our weather plan with you if that becomes an issue.

Existing Pavement

Before new pavement can be applied, the old pavement must come up. During any project, we will need to consider the landscape and condition of the current pavement as a factor in the amount of time it will take until project completion. Depending on the size of the job, there will need to be more time accounted for to remove existing pavement, landscaping, and rubble, in a safe and sustainable way. We can give you a rough estimate of the amount of time this will take, but a thorough job must be done before new asphalt is poured. This not only allows us to start with the cleanest slate possible, but it also ensures customer satisfaction, safety, and pavement longevity. Ready to Start Your Paving Project? If it's time for your new driveway, parking lot or other paving project give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788. We will work with your budget and timeline to provide quality asphalt paving. Estimates are always free!
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