Three Common Asphalt Striping Mistakes

October, 14, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

When it comes to your parking lot, the stripes aren’t something that many put a lot of thought into. Cassidy Paving wants you to know that there is a right and wrong way to apply stripes. Knowing what to avoid will help save you time and money in the long run. Here are the most common mistakes we see across Massachusetts.


There is no cookie-cutter approach to parking lot striping. If your contractor does not do a thorough walkthrough of your property, you’re going to have a problem. The striping order and layout are very dependent upon the quality of your landscape and traffic flow. The typical parking space will be anywhere from 8-10 feet wide and 18-20 feet long. Most parking lot spaces will end up being somewhere in the middle of those. Inconsistent and crooked lines will happen when you don’t have the proper measurements and plans. It is also important to account for federal ADA regulations that state that businesses must provide accessible parking spaces. For every 25 parking spaces you have, you will need at least 1 handicap accessible space located at the appropriate area of the parking. At Cassidy Paving, we are dedicated to meticulous preparation that results in safe and beautifully lined parking lots. Don’t settle for anything less.

Wrong Equipment and Supplies

Painting a straight line is harder than it seems. All parking lot customers want lines that last for years and look professional. Depending on the scope of your project, we will choose the appropriate equipment, like a high-pressure striper. Additionally, not all paints are the same when it comes to applying marking material. The wrong paint can cause it to discolor and flake even after a couple of months. The trick to getting the paint to last is to make sure it’s oil-based and do touch-ups as needed. Your contractor can help you determine the appropriate paint for your parking lot needs.

Not Maintaining It

We know that sometimes parking lot maintenance can be a hassle, but it is better for your wallet to have a plan in place than nothing at all. The best way to keep costs and disruptions down is to have a thorough restriping maintenance plan. Keeping your asphalt striping well-maintained helps you to provide a safe environment for those using your lot. It also helps you increase curb appeal and even property value in some cases. This is great for resale or for attracting and retaining customers. The crew at Cassidy Paving will help you establish a maintenance routine that is easy and takes any worry away from aging asphalt stripes.

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