The Importance of an Asphalt Snow Plan in New England

February, 15, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
When you’re deep into a New England winter, you’re probably not so much focused on the health of your asphalt as much as the driveability. Cassidy Paving works with customers across the area year-round to make sure that it is ready to test the ongoing freezing temperatures and snowstorms. There are a few different things that your asphalt paving contractor can do to set you up on a successful asphalt snow plan. Here are the things that are essential to the usability of your asphalt parking lot or residential driveway paving during the winter.

How to Handle Snow on Asphalt in New England

Know Your Risks

Every asphalt customer has a different set of needs and circumstances. Each area of asphalt is different from the next due to location, materials used, loadbearing ability, and frequency used. Understanding what makes your asphalt driveway or parking lot different will help you keep an eye on its condition throughout the year. Some areas of your pavement may be more susceptible to asphalt potholes or drainage issues. Asphalt contractors like Cassidy Paving can work with you on your individual needs, explain your particular risks, and set out a plan to get your commercial lot or residential driveway in top shape well before the first snowfall.

Make Repairs

Making any necessary repairs before winter can make or break your snow plan. It may not seem related, but it is extremely important. Freezing temperatures will take a toll on your asphalt, but it will be even more disastrous if you have unaddressed cracks, poor drainage, and potholes. Water will permeate your asphalt at a higher rate when these forms of deterioration are present. Once the temperatures drop below freezing, it will only exacerbate the issues you already have. Your snow plan only works if you have asphalt that is prepared, from the subbase up, to work well. The Cassidy Paving team can come out and give you a free estimate for the necessary repairs.

Removing Snow

A snow plan in New England should always have a method in place for snow removal. Whether you manage a commercial property or you are a homeowner, there should be some consideration for snow plowing services or timely removal. For homeowners, we recommend salting your driveway’s asphalt before the snow comes and then removing it with a plastic-edged shovel as needed throughout the season. For property managers and business owners, Cassidy Paving also offers commercial snow removal. We know that large lots cannot be handled by hand, and we have flexible and scalable contracts for every size lot and budget.

Get Professional Guidance

You don’t have to plan your asphalt snow plan alone. Cassidy Paving is here to give you the professional guidance you deserve to make it through the New England winter with your asphalt pavement intact. From repairs to snow removal, we are your asphalt snow plan experts. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 for help. We can go ahead and give you an estimate on the necessary repairs and get you on the expedited list for service when the temperatures warm up.
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