Show Your Asphalt Some Love This Valentine's Day with These Tips

February, 02, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
People aren’t the only things that need love on Valentine’s Day. You can also use this time of the year as an opportunity to show some extra affection to your asphalt pavement. February isn’t a typical time for full asphalt installation from the ground up. Still, it is a great time to prepare for the upcoming springtime in New England and all of the warmer weather’s possibilities. Cassidy Paving can work with you to figure out what you need for your residential or commercial pavement and get you on the schedule before the warm-weather rush hits.

How to Care for Your Asphalt

Winter Fluctuations

If not properly prepared for what happens to your residential asphalt driveway or commercial asphalt lot in the winter, you can be setting yourself up for costly repairs come spring. The reason why your lot may go through a lot of changes in winter, including asphalt potholes and cracks, is due to the intense freeze-thaw cycle. This cycle happens each winter in colder climates, just like we see in the northeast. Although asphalt is made to expand and contract with the temperature, there is a limit to how far it can go. Moisture seeping into the layers of asphalt and subbase is normal, but it can become trapped if there is no property drainage plan. That trapped water will freeze and push, resulting in alligator cracks, reveling, and holes. If you don’t usually keep up with your suggested maintenance, you may notice that your asphalt has thawed out worse for the wear. This leads to major liability issues with your employees and patrons. Save yourself the hassle now by thinking ahead of how you can show your asphalt and people some extra love this Valentine's Day.

Spring Asphalt Services

Come springtime; many asphalt paving companies see an increase in calls and service requests. Cassidy Paving is no exception. Although winter is often a planning period for us when we are not doing commercial snow plowing, spring makes up for that tenfold. Once the ground temperatures are consistently above freezing, we will get a steady stream of incoming inspection appointments and asphalt maintenance repair requests. You don’t want to be one of those many phone calls and not be first priority when you need repair as soon as possible. Since it’s still February, you have time to beat the crowd. Giving us a call will be the best Valentine’s gift you can give yourself by saving time when it matters. When you have extensive damage, we understand that you want to skip long waits for service. Even if it is too cold to do the asphalt repair services now, we can get you scheduled to beat the rush that is sure to come within the next couple of months.

Get a Free Estimate

You don’t have to break the bank for asphalt services. When you call us at Cassidy Paving, you will get a free estimate for all of your suggested asphalt repairs. This is not just a Valentine’s Day special. We offer these savings for our customers year-round with no pressure to book your service with us. Give the Cassidy Paving crew a call today at 866-978-9788 to get more information on scheduling an inspection. We offer certified, bonded, and insured asphalt pavement repair and installation services across the New England area.
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