Parking Lot Drain Rebuilding

If parking lot drainage problems cause asphalt damage, remediation is necessary for facility safety. Cassidy Paving can help.

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Note: We do not service residential driveways. We are happy to recommend a local company. Call us at 866-978-9788 to get a referral.

When repairing a parking lot, drainage is a critical issue. An improperly paved parking lot that leaves pools of standing water after a rainstorm can result in problems for drivers, pedestrians, and the businesses that rely on the parking lot.

Our crews are experienced in rebuilding faulty blacktop drainage systems, which are an important part of your parking lot structure. The ability to understand and manage groundwater is a vital aspect of preserving your asphalt parking lot. Cassidy Paving is ready to help you protect your investment.

Parking Lot Drain Repairs: What to Expect

Cassidy Paving completes parking lot drain repairs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Cleaning and Jetting: To understand the extent of repairs needed and to prevent further deterioration, drains, drainage system structures, and drainage lines often require cleaning to remove sediment, blockages, and debris. Then any repairs we make to holes, cracks, or other damage in the asphalt will perform their best.
  • Patching and Resurfacing: If the damage to the drainage has only caused surface-level deterioration of asphalt, cut and patch repairs or overlay/resurfacing may be sufficient to fill in the damaged spaces with fresh pavement and ensure a strong, even surface.
  • Full-Depth Reconstruction: If the damage includes the bulk of the drainage system, grinding down to and replacing the base layer of the asphalt is necessary to address the damage and re-fortify the pavement.

Parking Lot Drain Repairs for Commercial Facilities

Cassidy Paving completes parking lot drain repair for a range of commercial properties, including:

  • Condominium and Apartment Complexes
  • Subdivisions
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Commercial Office Parks
  • Retail Stores and Shopping Centers

We'll work with your schedule and your unique facility layout to optimize traffic flow and minimize disruption to customers and visitors over the course of repairs.

Parking Lot Drain Repairs for Industrial Sites

If you own or manage industrial facilities in New England, Cassidy Paving can provide parking lot drain repair services for your site to keep you compliant with codes and standards. Our industrial paving experience includes:

  • Schools
  • Churches and Places of Worship
  • Parks
  • Truck Terminals
  • Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

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Comprehensive Estimates Comprehensive Estimates

We provide comprehensive estimates Including any paving service and paving repairs you need.

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Thorough Approach Thorough Approach

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Safety First Safety First

From estimate to walkthrough, we prioritize safety of your team, your site, and our crews every step of the way.

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Strong Finish Strong Finish

When choosing Cassidy, your repaired or restored pavement will look like new and have the most durable possible finish.

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Our Experience: Our full-time, Bonded, fully-insured crew has over 100+ years of combined experience.
Our Guarantee: We offer a guarantee on all new paving services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Note: We do not service residential driveways. We are happy to recommend a local company. Call us at 866-978-9788 to get a referral.

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