New Year's Resolutions: What's in Store for Your Asphalt Paving in 2023?

January, 11, 2023 By CASSIDY PAVING 9 min read
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The New Year is an optimal time to make resolutions in all areas of life: personal and professional. As you reflect on the year that has passed, you can better set measurable and attainable goals for the year ahead. You might be looking at some capital improvement projects for your facility in 2023. And if you’re considering asphalt paving or maintenance services on that list, read on to find out what you can expect and how you can decide what types of projects to move forward on.

Taking Stock of What’s Needed

The first step in mapping out your asphalt paving and maintenance goals for 2023 is to see where your property currently is in terms of damage. Pavement deterioration is quite common, especially on properties that undergo the chilly winters of the Northeast United States. The freeze-thaw cycle can cause a wide range of asphalt issues as groundwater seeps into cracks, freezes, thaws, and refreezes. Add to that the pressure of vehicles and foot traffic, damage from snow removal services, and general wear and tear, and chances are you’ve likely got a few places in need of asphalt repair.

Start by taking an audit of your grounds. Note all areas of asphalt on your property – including sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, or sports courts. Some common issues to look for are potholes (which are common in parking lots and on roadways) as well as fatigue cracking, which can occur as a result of water or structural damage. Keep an eye out for upheaval and buckling – these are raised, bumpy areas of asphalt often caused by the freeze-thaw cycle. And of course, even minor cracks might be cause for alarm if left in disrepair. Groundwater from rain, snow, and other precipitation can easily infiltrate these cracks and cause some of the problems listed above, even if you don’t see them just yet.

You might also choose to prioritize needs based on their severity or the level of risk they pose. For instance, deep potholes can damage vehicles and buckled sidewalks are unsafe for pedestrian traffic. But smaller dents or pitting may be lower on your list of priorities since these types of minor damage often start off as more of an aesthetic concern. If you need help assessing your asphalt’s condition or prioritizing your needs, you can contact a knowledgeable asphalt paving company like Cassidy Paving to take this first step before committing to any project.

What Types of Asphalt Projects Should You Consider?

There are plenty of projects to choose from when deciding on asphalt repair services. If you’re looking at extensive damage, you may need to completely remove the existing foundation of your asphalt and lay down fresh pavement – a process known as full depth reconstruction. A knowledgeable, experienced asphalt paving company will be able to remove the existing asphalt or concrete, crush, pulverize, or blend the base material for a more solid foundation, replace the base material altogether, and repave the asphalt. This provides the highest level of protection against the elements or wear and tear, plus strengthens the structural integrity of the asphalt.

But if the issues you noted in your audit are minor – like smaller cracks or potholes – you may instead consider overlay and resurfacing or cut and patch repairs. These smaller projects will still fortify your foundation and result in a smooth, safe surface, but they won’t cost nearly as much in time, money, or energy. Keep in mind, however, that minor patches are only appropriate for minimal asphalt damage. If you try to treat your larger, structural issues with these kinds of services, you may wind up paying a lot more down the line when the asphalt eventually needs a full replacement.

Preparing Your Property for Asphalt Paving

Property managers often want to know how to prep for asphalt paving so that they can maximize their results. This particular preparation depends on your property. If you’re working with unpaved land like soil, it will need to be completely cleared before any asphalt work can begin. You’ll also need to ensure you have the appropriate permits and licenses for your asphalt project (check with your local city planning offices to obtain these).

If you’re working with existing asphalt, the level of preparation needed will depend on the level of damage present. If your asphalt’s foundations are damaged, you may need to go the route of a full depth reconstruction. In this case, the asphalt paving company you hire will need to completely remove the existing asphalt before anything else can be done to it.

As far as other preparations to make, consider your facility’s operational schedule. If you’re making minor repairs to your asphalt, they might be able to get done at busier times of the year, as long as your foot and vehicle traffic can still access enough of the sidewalk, driveway, or roadway. But if you’re completely repaving your parking lot, for instance, you’ll want to consider scheduling a bit more carefully. Pick a time when you can close your business or facility’s doors for a period of time so that the project can be completed in full before the return of your employees or customers. If this isn’t possible, consider alternatives: Is there a nearby lot you can rent for parking? Is another nearby business willing to share their parking spots for a short time, until your lot is restored?

Timing Your Asphalt Projects Wisely

Now that you know more about what types of asphalt maintenance and repair work you might consider, you might have another pressing question: What is the best time of year to lay asphalt? The answer to this question entirely depends on your climate. Properties in warmer climates, for instance, might be able to complete asphalt paving during most, if not all, months of the year.

When should you not pave your driveway? This is certainly a question to consider for those located in colder areas with more precipitation. Areas that are subject to deep freezes or flooding should take note of the months when the most precipitation occurs, and plan around them to complete their projects in dryer, milder conditions.

Should you pave in the winter? Property managers in New England know that their winters are full of inclement and unpredictable weather. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail can make asphalt paving in the winter difficult and, at times, impossible. Plus, if your property needs frequent snow removal services, this could impact the success of the project as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to wait until spring or summer to get the ball rolling. In fact, it’s wise to start planning your asphalt projects during those suboptimal months, so that when milder weather comes along, you’re ready to go on your asphalt paving. Take this time to interview and vet your asphalt company candidates, make decisions on your timing and budget, and plan accordingly with staff and customers to ensure you’re fully prepared for your asphalt paving projects.

Why Choose Cassidy Paving for Your 2023 Asphalt Paving Projects?

For commercial lots, capital improvement projects, and government facilities in New England, Cassidy Paving is a trusted asphalt paving company with the knowledge, experience, and resources to get the job done well. Our full-time crew has over 100 years of combined experience and is bonded with full liability and full Workers’ Compensations Insurance. We know Northeast winters, and our team will never lead you astray when it comes to the optimal timing for your asphalt paving project.

We’re headquartered in Haverhill, MA, and we serve clients across various industries throughout Massachusetts and South New Hampshire. From paving brand new roadways to completely replacing asphalt during a full depth reconstruction, we’ve got you covered and will complete the project on time and on budget. If you’re looking at minor cut and patch repairs, we’ll guide you on when to execute these projects based on your location, scheduling needs, and the severity of the damage. Our subject matter experts will carefully assess your asphalt’s current conditions, craft a project plan, and work diligently to get the job done to your satisfaction. In fact, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all new paving services so you can rest assured that we’ll never leave you disappointed in the outcome.

Remember, even if you’re in an area with heavy precipitation, it’s never too early to start planning your asphalt projects. In fact, pre-planning is highly recommended. And that means that even for hard-hit New England-based properties, winter can still be an optimal time to get your projects mapped out, funded, and planned. When it comes time to complete the project, you’ll want to work with a knowledgeable contractor with unbeatable experience. Cassidy Paving is your locally owned company with a large reach throughout New England, and we’re happy to provide you with case studies and testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Contact us today to speak with one of a representative who can set up an initial assessment of your asphalt damage and help you decide your next best steps for your 2023 asphalt paving projects.

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