Know the Difference Between Summer Asphalt and Winter Asphalt

July, 14, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Did you know that depending on the season you get your asphalt, the process changes? To the untrained eye, asphalt does not change regardless of the season. At Cassidy Paving we know the meticulous planning required to best choose the time to start your asphalt paving project. The fact is: there’s a difference in your asphalt depending on when you start your project. But whether you choose July or January, we have you covered for all your asphalt paving needs. As a Cassidy Paving customer, it is important to know that depending on when you give us the call to start your project, the mixing process will be different. Knowing those differences can help you save time and money.

Summer Asphalt

This is the time of year when we do most of our large jobs across Massachusetts. According to the Asphalt Pavement Association of Michigan, “Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) is a combination of approximately 95% stone, sand, or gravel bound together by asphalt cement, a product of crude oil”. This type is best during the summer months because the ground must remain warm and dry in order for it to cure correctly. HMA is also optimal for large jobs because it is able to be continually rejuvenated if the mix becomes too cold during its application by using a hot box (this is a type of machinery that continually heats asphalt so that it can be applied seamlessly).

Winter Asphalt

Paving during the colder months can get a bit tricky, but is not impossible. Our experts prefer to just do patching in the winter because the type of asphalt that works best in the cold temperatures isn’t meant to pave large areas. Another reason that you do not want to do a cold-mix for a large area is the amount of time it takes to cure. This material stays flexible for up to 6 months which allows us to mix and use for a variety of needs but also means that it cannot be sealed until a much later date. We know you don’t have any control of when repairs are needed. The golden rule for pavement is to make sure that you take care of issues immediately and that is why winter asphalt is suggested when repairs should not wait. If you are a municipality, this can mean the difference between costly repairs and quick pothole fills.

Plan Your Next Paving Project

If you’re ready to plan out your next big project, or even get some asphalt preventative maintenance scheduled, give us a call at 866-978-9788 regardless of the season. Our experienced customer service team can work with you on your residential, industrial, or commercial needs. We are fully insured and bonded with over 108 years of combined asphalt paving experience on our team. If there’s a way to help save you money or time with the appropriate scheduling of services around the harsh Massachusetts winters, we will find the means to do so. Our number one goal is your satisfaction.
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