Is an Industrial Paving Cleaner Essential for Asphalt Longevity?

July, 15, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

It’s no secret that outdoor surfaces can quickly become filthy – asphalt roads, driveways, and parking lots are certainly no exception. The environment will take its toll on your pavement no matter what you do. This doesn’t mean you should just give up and let nature take its course, however. Keeping your pavement clean reflects well on your business. But is an industrial paving cleaner truly essential for your asphalt’s longevity, too? The short answer is a resounding “yes.” Let’s explore why proper pavement cleaning is key to keeping your asphalt strong for the long haul.

Why Proper Pavement Cleaning Is Essential for Asphalt Longevity

Slows Down Deterioration

Fresh asphalt paving seems virtually invincible, featuring a smooth surface that allows most debris to simply glide away. Don’t be deceived, however. Contaminants from all over (e.g., garbage, silt, sand, etc.) will begin to cling to and scratch your pavement in no time. Pests may pose a problem, too. If you aren’t proactive in your maintenance measures, these various threats will begin to erode your pavement through physical and chemical processes alike. While some of this degradation is inevitable, you can greatly slow down this process (and therefore extend your pavement’s lifespan) by sweeping and washing your asphalt regularly.

Maintains Proper Drainage

Moisture is a major enemy of your pavement. Before paving asphalt, contractors will make sure that they’re outfitted with efficient drainage systems to prevent water from building up and seeping into the material’s pores. These drains will only function as intended if they’re kept clear of debris, however. Indeed, ensuring adequate drainage is among the most important aspects of ensuring asphalt longevity. Do your asphalt a favor, then, and regularly inspect and clean its drainage system to reduce the ongoing threat of moisture intrusion. Staying on top of this maintenance can extend your pavement’s lifespan by several years.

Improves Driving Conditions

It’s imperative that all vehicles utilize your asphalt surfaces in an organized way. Keeping vehicles on track isn’t just a matter of safety – it’s also a matter of asphalt longevity. If significant amounts of debris litter your parking lot or driveway, vehicle operators will have to swerve in erratic directions to avoid these obstacles. Otherwise, they’ll have to drive over said debris. In either case, these actions negatively impact the pavement’s load-bearing, contributing to uneven surfaces, fracturing, and other issues. Ask your industrial paving company about the importance of load-bearing for more info on this topic.

Keeps Your Pavement Looking Fresh

Cleanliness is also a cosmetic concern. You want your exterior features to positively reflect your business, so maintaining clean pavement is essential. And while even good-looking pavement can have its problems, keeping up with asphalt cleaning will ultimately benefit its integrity in the long run, reducing the frequency and severity of pavement repair projects. Moreover, maintaining clean pavement discourages others from littering, creating a positive feedback loop that reduces long-term deterioration and enhances curb appeal.

Your Asphalt’s Longevity Depends on Cleanliness

Asphalt doesn’t last forever, but with proper care and attention, you can keep your pavement around for decades. Regular cleaning reduces deterioration, ensures proper drainage, maintains even load-bearing, and enhances curb appeal. If your New England business needs a hand with ongoing asphalt maintenance, look no further than Cassidy Paving.

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