Investing in Your Property: What Parking Lot Replacement Method Is Right for You?

November, 08, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

When you do any needed asphalt pavement repairs, or upgrades to your home or business, Cassidy Paving understands that it is an investment. Part of a revolving investment in your business is the parking lot. Noticing deterioration in your parking lot means that it is time to start thinking of how best to fix your issues. Asphalt paving maintenance is essential to the usability of your property and the asphalt paving services that you receive can help you save money over time. In order to be proactive about parking lot maintenance service, you’ll need to determine what route to take when it is time for parking lot replacement. Here’s how.


Asphalt patching is by far the quickest and easiest of asphalt pavement repairs. Small cracks and holes usually are not enough damage to call for a total replacement. Fixing the areas where you have the damage can save you money and extend the life of your parking lot for many years. No two situations are alike and Cassidy Paving can help you determine if patching is just all you need. Patching is usually done early on when you see damage in those first stages. The benefit from only needing patching is that the damage has not expanded to large areas of your parking lot. If the patching needed gets more complex we often recommend another option.


If patching won’t work for your parking lot damage, resurfacing is a good option. Before you head straight to a total replacement, resurfacing can be a great option that saves money while giving you the same benefits as a replacement. During a resurface, the top layers of asphalt are removed. This is done to a specific depth so that the sub-base is maintained. The cost for resurfacing can be around one third the cost of what a replacement would be. If you’re looking to have parking lot maintenance services without breaking your budget, ask your asphalt pavement contractor about resurfacing options.

Total Replacement

Regardless of how well you maintain your parking lot over the years, sometimes you have to go for the total replacement. After the Cassidy Paving experts rule out patching and resurfacing as options available for you, a replacement is often the only way to go. According to Home Advisor, a parking lot replacement costs on average $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot. This is a large investment in your property and you should make sure to hire a company that knows how to properly install from your base to the blacktop. Once your new parking lot is installed, you should protect your investment by getting on a maintenance plan that includes sealcoating and patching as needed.

Invest in Your Property

Taking care of your parking lot is an investment in your business. Increasing the curb appeal of your property and reducing any liability that comes with large potholes and deterioration. To save money and time, hire a commercial asphalt company. Call us at 866-978-9788 before you have widespread damage. Estimates on parking lot projects are always free and you will receive the highest quality repair or replacement services in Massachusetts.

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