How to Put a Stop to Minor Asphalt Parking Lot Issues at Your New Building

May, 14, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
No matter how new your building is, your asphalt parking lot can show signs of distress. These issues are usually easy to fix but require quick action to avoid worsening conditions. If not mitigated in a timely manner, these small issues can become catastrophic liabilities. Here’s how to put a stop to minor parking lot issues at your new building.

Why It’s Important

Even small inconsistencies in your parking lot can indicate a need for asphalt repair and sealing. Inconsistencies are early symptoms of something bigger down the line. Loose gravel and small cracks are very common and are likely in your parking lot right now. Because these blemishes are so frequent, property managers are likely to become desensitized to the need to call in an asphalt and pavement contractor once they're discovered. If you have questions about whether something is “normal,” it is always best to ask a professional. Disregarding these minor breakdowns won’t do your business any favors. When it comes to asphalt paving repair, frequent services mean that you’re less likely to need extensive asphalt repairs or even a complete repavement.

What Issues to Look Out For

As a property manager, we know that your priority is on the safety and functionality of the building and surrounding, including the parking lot. Familiarizing yourself with possible asphalt issues can help you maintain a safe environment year-round, no matter how minor they seem. The most common asphalt issues in parking lots are:
  • Raveling: You may see this as loose rocks and chipped pavement
  • Depressions and Potholes: Any areas that collect water usually caused by inadequate compaction. Small depressions can lead to asphalt potholes if they are not addressed quickly
  • Cracks: Various types of cracking such as alligator cracking, block cracks with our without raveling, longitudinal cracks, and cracks may appear along the edge of your parking lot
Even on a small scale, deterioration in your asphalt is a liability due to trip hazards and possible damage to vehicles on your property. Suppose you see any one of these or even a combination of those problems in the parking lot of your new building, the only way to put a stop to them is through comprehensive asphalt services performed by a parking lot repair company. Especially if you’re in a new building, it is suggested that you deal with them before your business is up and running at full capacity. Whether you’re in retail, run a school, place of worship, etc., the formula for fixing your commercial parking lot issues is the same. There’s never a reason to delay repairs. Get help now!

Work with Cassidy Paving!

We know moving into a new building for your business is a daunting task, and our team is here to help you make it as seamless as possible. Even well-organized companies can suffer if the parking lot isn’t in good condition. If you’ve noticed some inconsistencies in your blacktop, give our team a call at 866-978-9788. Get a professional opinion and free estimate today!
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