How to Make My Parking Lot More Sustainable

September, 10, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Sustainable parking lot at an apartment complex

If you’re interested in following sustainable practices in all areas of your life, there are ways to follow those practices in your parking lot asphalt services. Asphalt installers have come a long way in recent years to make sure that asphalt and paving options are eco-friendly. Your asphalt can be a great way to extend sustainable practices with the help of an experienced parking lot contractor. Here are the current options on the market for sustainable paving.

How to Make a Parking Lot More Sustainable

Porous Pavement

Asphalt paving is excellent for the environment because of its ability to filter water through the layers and directly into the soil. Taking that a step further is the installation of porous pavement, also known as permeable pavement. This type of paving has minimal impact on the environment because it allows water to flow naturally without the layer of pavement. This natural water flow eliminates runoff, recharges groundwater, traps pollutants, reduces surface temperatures, and removes any requirement for your parking lot to have a retention basin. Not only does it keep water flowing naturally, it is incredibly durable. In traditional commercial paving for parking lots, water can easily cause issues to the blacktop sealing and the foundational layers. In general, water is not something you’d like to see a lot of on commercial asphalt paving. However, porous pavement is not affected by the rainy New England weather. If you’re looking for something sustainable and durable, permeable pavement is the way to go.

Recycling with Reclamation

If you’ve been hesitating to replace your parking lot in the hopes that you can get your existing paving to last as long as possible, there are options for you. Reclamation is a common asphalt service that helps you recycle your current paving materials and reuse them for a fresh blacktop. Especially for those asphalt owners that like to keep their investment for as long as possible, this is a budget-friendly and sustainable option for asphalt parking lot repair. Your asphalt contractor will remove the top layer to a certain depth and transport it to a nearby facility where it will be pulverized. This new mixture will then be mixed and added back to the top layer of your parking lot. The reclaimed asphalt pavement gives your parking lot a fix for superficial cracks and holes.


Another option that can be helpful for your parking lot and the maintenance and preservation of the area around your business is landscaping. Investing in suitable trees, grass, and shrubbery for your property can help extend the life of the pavement by working with the nearby environment instead of against it. Especially in conjunction with porous pavement, the correct landscaping application can help with your area’s natural water flow processes. Your landscape company can work with your asphalt installers to keep the environment at the top of your mind.

Your Sustainable Asphalt Partners

If you’re in Massachusetts and looking for an asphalt maintenance company that focuses on the importance of sustainable building, reach out to Cassidy Paving today. We offer porous paving and other eco-friendly options for your parking lot repair and installation. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 for your free estimate.

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