How to Make an Effective Commercial Parking Lot Paving and Striping Plan

May, 04, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Aerial view of a newly paved commercial parking lot

Your business’ parking lot must not only be smooth and sturdy enough to accommodate regular traffic – it must also be clearly marked so everyone knows where to drive, park, and walk. Indeed, paving and line striping goes hand in hand. When pavement crumbles and fades, so too do the painted lines that keep it organized. And when it’s time to repave your parking lot, you’ll need to consider how you’ll go about re-painting the fresh blacktop, all while preventing disruptions and getting it done on time.

Here’s how to make an effective commercial parking lot paving and striping plan for your facility.

How to Make an Effective Commercial Parking Lot Paving and Striping Plan

Know Your Pavement Needs

When planning any paving project, you must begin by assessing your needs. A thorough needs assessment goes over your business’ schedule, traffic flow, and budget, as well as your parking lot’s size, purpose, degree of damage, and more. As you examine your parking lot for fresh paving and striping, you should also consider where and how you wish to mark the fresh pavement – you might want to lay down stripes in the same locations and with the same spacing as before, or you might consider adjusting your parking layout for improved traffic flow and additional spots. Whether or not these changes are feasible will depend on your parking lot paving specifications.

Get the Timing Right

Timing is everything in regards to commercial paving. After all, repaving and striping projects render most (if not all) of your parking lot unusable for the project’s duration. Additional time is required to allow the fresh asphalt to properly cure, too. Only then can fresh paint be applied across the blacktop – the paint itself can take 30-60 minutes to dry, and vehicles should stay off a newly painted lot until every bit of paint has dried. You must account for all of these intervals when planning your paving and striping project in order to streamline every task, avoid disruptions, and ensure no one accidentally ruins the pavement or paint.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

The chances of interference and other issues during paving and striping skyrocket when occupants aren’t aware of what’s going on. Your employees should be notified of relevant project details well in advance of the project, such as when the parking lot paving service will arrive, who they’ll be dealing with, how long they expect the project to take, and which areas will be temporarily shut down, etc. During the project, clear signage should be posted around the job site to remind employees and cue customers and guests about what’s happening. The more informed everyone is, the smoother things will go. Some frustration and confusion is to be expected, but it helps to remind everyone that the results will be well worth the interruption.

Work With an Experienced Commercial Paving Company

Commercial paving and striping take as long as they have to take. That said, more experienced contractors can get the job done quicker by optimizing their processes and using the best equipment available. If you’re worried about lengthy processes, long pauses, and unexpected problems, the experts at Cassidy Paving will put your mind at ease. With over 100 years of combined experience between our crew members, we’re more than able to tackle even the largest and most complex parking lot paving and striping projects in New England.

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