How to Get Rid of Puddles and Pooling on Your Asphalt

August, 26, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Have you noticed puddles and pooling on your asphalt? These are fairly common issues for asphalt pavement but should be addressed quickly. According to, Woburn receives an average of 43.7 inches of rainfall per year. Cassidy Paving’s team is locally owned and operated in Massachusetts and we understand firsthand how the weather here can affect your driveway or parking lot. Here’s how we can identify and treat these areas before they cause more problems that can require costly replacement.

How to Reduce Puddles and Pooling

Identifying Problem Areas

There are many things that can cause puddles and pooling water. As Hunker Magazine says, “over time chips, cracks and holes can develop on your driveway, creating uneven wear, low spots, and damage to the surface”. The usual wear of your pavement is enough to create these common deterioration spots. When it rains enough for water to puddle in your yard, that should be enough precipitation to see if there is accumulation on your driveway. Once you see areas pooling, make note of where it is occurring. You will need to call in a professional asphalt contractor, like Cassidy Paving, to get these spots fixed and draining properly.

Addressing Your Concerns

There are a couple of reasons you are noticing puddles on your asphalt. The primary reason is bowl-like indentations that appear because the subbase starts shifting and sinking. These areas of weakness make depressions that are synonymous with changes in the bottom layers. If these bowls are not extremely deep, patching can be done without disrupting other parts of the asphalt pavement. If the depression extends to cracks in other areas, it may be better to discuss a replacement of the entire pavement.

Another reason could be that, despite your asphalt’s best efforts, it just does not have a functional way to drain excess water. To address this for the long-term, install a drainage system that will alleviate the retaining water regardless of the amount. This method will be used when there are numerous puddles throughout the area.

Environmentally Friendly Options

After the inspection of your asphalt’s water drainage system, we may determine that a complete replacement is needed. If this is the situation you find yourself in, porous pavement could be the best option for you to avoid going through this in the future. Unlike conventional asphalt, porous asphalt allows water to safely pass through the layers and into a natural water drainage process. The pores of the layers accept the water without damaging the structure or subbase. This is an increasingly popular option for both practical and environmentally conscious reasons. Cassidy Paving is the area expert on installing this efficient asphalt option.

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