How to Clean Your Commercial Lot and Driveway During the Fall

October, 12, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
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Autumn marks the beginning of the end of the commercial paving season in New England, but keeping up with asphalt maintenance is crucial. Fall conditions can do a number on your commercial parking lot and driveway(s) as leaves scrape and stain their surfaces and moisture makes its way into their pores. If you don’t intervene, you’ll likely face a number of asphalt repairs later in the season and beyond – many of these projects won’t be viable until spring, either. Knowing this, keeping up with regular pavement cleaning is a must all autumn long and beyond. Here’s how to properly clean your commercial lot and driveway during the fall.

Ways to Clean Your Commercial Lot and Driveway During the Fall

Sweep and Blow Regularly

The New England region is known for many things, chief among them its gorgeous fall foliage. While these bursts of color are a sight to behold, they also signify a significant problem for asphalt surfaces. Not only do dead, dried up leaves scrape up paved surfaces – freshly fallen leaves often carry dirt, bacteria, and moisture with them, and they can accumulate quickly between late September and early November. All of this material can stain, scratch, and erode your commercial asphalt throughout the season, so it’s vital to remove leaves on a regular basis. Sweeping with a soft broom (so as not to scratch the pavement) offers a good start, but using a high-powered blower is a more efficient method for ridding your asphalt driveway and lot from leaves. Whatever your approach, sticking to a schedule is key, as newly fallen leaves will stick the landing before you know it.

Wash the Grime Away with Water

It’s true that moisture can threaten your asphalt’s integrity. That said, water is also necessary for keeping your commercial parking lot clean during fall and beyond. A dedicated pressure washer might be too powerful for these purposes, but you will want some pressure when cleaning your pavement. Attaching a pressurized nozzle to a standard garden hose provides an optimal solution here. With the right amount of water pressure, you can remove significant amounts of dirt and grime from the asphalt. Make sure you’re aiming towards drains so all the water and unwanted residue make their way off the pavement and to facilitate the drying process. The last thing you want is for water to stand on your pavement, as this will just do more damage.

Consider Stronger Cleaning Solutions

Water works well for basic pavement cleaning tasks, but it’s not always enough to get rid of those stubborn stains. Indeed, you may need to add cleaning solutions such as soaps and detergents to your wet cleaning process. Not all cleaning substances are the same, however – some might not provide the strength you’re looking for while others might harm the pavement. Fortunately, basic items such as laundry detergent, baking soda, and dish soap often do the trick in the right amounts. After generously applying the cleaning solution to the area in question, allow it to soak for about 30 minutes. From there, scrub the area with a stiff brush or rinse it off with your hose. There are also purpose-made pavement cleaners on the market, including Krud Kutter and Purple Power Driveway Cleaner. Always follow manufacturer instructions when using these commercial cleaning products.

Hire Pavement Cleaning Pros

Though many pavement cleaning methods are within your grasp, you might not have the time, equipment, or resources to keep your pavement clean all fall long. In that case, leave the cleaning to the pavement pros like Cassidy Paving. We’re more than a commercial parking lot paving company, as we also provide comprehensive asphalt maintenance and repair solutions for our clients across New England.

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