How Do I Keep My Asphalt Looking New?

August, 23, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
New Asphalt in a parking lot

When your industrial or commercial lot looks brand new, you want to keep it that way. Not only is fresh asphalt and a newly paved blacktop easier to drive on, but it can also increase your property value. Additionally, you lower your liability as a property owner and protect your investment when you actively work to keep your asphalt in good shape. Over time, you will find that keeping your asphalt surfaces looking new becomes second nature.

How to Keep Asphalt Looking New

Make Sure It's Installed Correctly

You'll need to work with an experienced asphalt contractor to complete optimal asphalt services. Only certified, bonded and insured, and knowledgeable asphalt installers understand the unique processes that it takes to keep your pavement in great shape starting from the ground up. The integrity of the surface begins far below at the subbase. Without the proper foundation, your asphalt paving will lose its new appearance quickly. Deterioration could even become noticeable within a few weeks if your contractor did not install the asphalt correctly in the first place.

Regular Maintenance

Consistent preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your asphalt parking lot looking new. You need to have at least a yearly inspection to check for asphalt potholes, cracks, foundational shifting, and other common types of damage. The longer you go without repairing areas of deterioration, the more likely it will spread or become more complex.

Asphalt paving maintenance is all about preserving functionality and keeping your blacktop in its best condition. Outside of crack and pothole filling, you should also make sure to have your sealcoat reapplied every two to three years. Sealcoating keeps harmful chemicals and excessive moisture from penetrating the asphalt and making its way to the subbase. Keeping moisture out of your asphalt is even more critical in New England because of the long and harsh winter season. If the water becomes trapped in your asphalt, it can freeze in the blacktop or anywhere else in the base, subbase, or aggregate. Implementing proper asphalt maintenance services by experienced contractors is the only way to avoid costly issues.

Keep It Clean

One thing you can do on your own to keep your asphalt lot looking new is regular cleaning. Just like roads, sweeping and pressure washing are recommended to keep excessive debris from accumulating. Dirt and grime can cause build-up that is abrasive to your blacktop and can break it down quickly. If you have stuck-on grime, fuel leaks, or other chemicals that have spilled, experts suggest washing it away as soon as possible. Anything foreign between your parking lot and a vehicle’s tires can cause issues and should be removed as quickly as possible. If you cannot do these tasks yourself or your lot is far too large to handle in-house, an asphalt maintenance company can help.

Pro Asphalt Services in New England

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