Four Things to Consider When Selecting a Parking Lot Location

June, 01, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
There’s a lot of things to consider when looking to design a parking lot for your commercial space. It’s about more than just functional car parking spots, you need to consider how well the design will flow for your needs and location. Not only does a parking lot need to fulfill the actual purpose for your business, but it should improve your curb appeal. Cassidy Paving works with you to make the most out of your new paved parking lot. Here are four things to consider when selecting the location

Purpose of the Lot

One thing you must know going into this project is what the purpose of your lot will be. Do you have customers that visit often or a large number of employees that require parking at your building for extended times? Knowing the purpose of your new lot will help your contractor determine the correct location on the property for your parking lot. Blindly determining where the parking lot will go prior to any research on its purpose often results in a lot that doesn’t fully fit your needs. The Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa summarizes purposeful construction as “when properly designed and constructed, parking areas can be an attractive part of the facility that is also safe, and most important, usable to the maximum degree”.


One of the main reasons to design your parking lot purposefully is because no two locations on your property can provide identical accessibility to traffic and users. The lot will need to be easy to navigate for deliveries, employees, and visitors to your business. From a technical standpoint, the location of the parking lot must also be the correct slope and soil to provide the safest routes for drivers. Another important factor to consider for accessibility is complying with ADA standards. The United States Access Board says that the required number of accessible parking spaces, including van spaces, is calculated for each parking lot and garage site. The location of your parking lot will help determine how the contractor can fulfill these requirements while maintaining the quality and functionality you need.

Traffic Levels

A very important consideration when choosing your location and designing the parking lot is the traffic level. Are you located on a busy road? Are you the only tenant in the building? These are the questions you need to know the answers to. Some parking lots only require one area for entering and exiting while others have such dense traffic that there needs to be multiple entries and exits.

Size and Space

The size and space will be determined based on the area that is available on location. The APAI suggests the following when it comes to designing for size and space:
  1. Use rectangular spaces
  2. Make the long sides of the parking areas parallel
  3. Have spots along the perimeter
  4. Have lanes that serve two rows of spaces
These are just baseline factors to consider for your parking lot location. The size and space you will need are truly determined by your individual circumstances. A certified contractor can help you work these out.

Starting Your Project

If you’re ready to start your parking lot project, give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788. We are experts in repairing and installing asphalt lots. We service commercial customers all across Massachusetts and want to help you get the parking lot you deserve.
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