Controlling Ice without Damaging your Pavement

November, 06, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Once the winter comes, it will be all hands on deck to get the snow and ice removed from your property so that your normal course of business may resume. The New England winters can be harsh and the best thing you can do to protect your asphalt investment is to have a plan in place for the inevitable. Once the temperatures start to drop, you can expect them to remain the same or colder for many months. Here are the best ways to control ice without damaging your pavement.


There are many deicers on the market from which to choose, but some are better for your asphalt than others. Traditional rock salt is notorious around Massachusetts, but there can be better options. Rock salt, according to Scientific American, “when added to ice, salt first dissolves in the film of liquid water that is always present on the surface, thereby lowering its freezing point below the ice’s temperature”. Once the water/snow mix on your asphalt reaches its maximum allowable salt capacity it will not work as well if the temperatures drop below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Although salt is usually safe for asphalt, if you have adjoining concrete it could erode those surfaces over time. Salt tends to be a very safe option for asphalt, but there are times when salt by itself just is not enough.

Porous Pavement

If you are looking to install new asphalt or are planning a revamp of your asphalt areas, porous pavement is a great option for colder climates. Because porous pavement allows water to move safely through the blacktop and subbase, you’re less likely to suffer from the freeze/thaw cycle that affects traditional asphalt applications. The way that this works well scientifically was studied extensively in an article for the Journal of Transportation Engineering found that “the results indicate that a porous pavement is more resistant to freezing than an impermeable pavement due to higher water content in the underlying soil, which increased the latent heat in the ground”. Therefore, if you’re looking for asphalt pavement that will last through years of New England weather then porous pavement is a great option for the investment. The makeup of this asphalt material helps control ice without damage.

Professional Snow Removal

If you have traditional pavement the best way to keep your asphalt and surrounding structures safe is to hire a professional ice and snow removal company to do the hard work. Services like Cassidy Paving, have expertise in managing ice while keeping your pavement safe. We use a combination of machinery and deicers to remove ice and snow. Your property will be evaluated and a customized solution made just for your needs. DIY ice removal is not always the best answer and you run the risk of injuring yourself or damaging your asphalt pavement.

Get Expert Help

Having a plan in place now to manage snow and ice will save you both time and money once winter comes. Don’t leave your asphalt pavement up to the mercy of Mother Nature. Call Cassidy Paving today at 866-978-9788 for a professional assessment of your pavement.
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