Best Summer Upkeep Tips for a High-Traffic Industrial Lot

June, 28, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Parking lot maintenance in New England

Summer in New England is not the right time to be lax on your industrial lot upkeep. Asphalt potholes and other types of deterioration don’t take the summers off, neither should your maintenance plan. In order to keep your liability low and stay ahead of any issues that could affect your bottom line, it’s essential to keep up with your efforts throughout the year. Here are the best steps you can take throughout the warm months to keep your business functional and your property safe.

How to Keep Up With Your Parking Lot in the Summer

Start Smart With Sealcoating

If your industrial lot is still new or it’s been a few years since it was installed, sealcoating is an integral part of any maintenance plan. New constructions will typically have an option for sealcoating built into the project, but if your asphalt contractor hasn’t mentioned it, you should ask. Adding a sealcoat helps add an extra layer of protection to your new blacktop. It is harder for water, oil, and other debris to penetrate and keeps your lot looking its best. If it has been a few years since your last sealcoating, it may also be time to reach out to your industrial paving company.

Address Cracks

Cracks are one of the most common problems found with industrial lots. Your lot is more likely to take on excessively heavy loads throughout a normal day, more than a typical asphalt parking lot would. This can cause distress cracks. Although this is typical, an asphalt paving contractor should fix them as soon as possible. When your asphalt lot is cracked and not repaired, your subbase and surrounding structures must overcompensate. Unrepaired cracks on industrial lots lead to much larger issues very quickly. Industrial customers should take these signs seriously because it only takes a short time for one crack to become a big issue affecting your productivity and building access.

Keep It Clean

One simple thing you can do in the summer is to keep your parking lot clean. Debris like dirt and limbs and oil and chemical spills may not seem like a big deal, but they can actually cause a breakdown of your asphalt from the blacktop down. The longer you leave your asphalt dirty, the better chance there is that something will cause holes, crumbling, and even a breakdown of the curbs. There are many commercial cleaning options out there that can periodically sweep your lot and even pressure wash as needed to remove stains. Not only are these issues an eyesore, but they can cause significant problems if not cleaned up.

Have Regular Inspections

Overall, the smartest thing you can do over the summer is to have regular inspections. You want to stay ahead of your asphalt services. If ever you doubt the state of your asphalt, you should call in a professional.

Call Cassidy

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