5 Reasons Parking Lot Milling Is Your Best Option

October, 31, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
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Your business can take a serious hit if your commercial parking lot has seen better days. Before you invest in repairs or repaving services, however, you must make sure your pavement receives the care it requires and that your investment is worthwhile. There are many ways to restore a parking lot, but some are more efficient or better suited for certain situations than others.

Asphalt milling has gained popularity among facility managers for multiple reasons. This process involves removing the top layer of damaged asphalt and leaving behind a grooved surface that serves as a solid foundation over which new asphalt can be installed. Here are five reasons parking lot milling might be your best option the next time your asphalt needs attention.

Five Benefits of Parking Lot Milling

1. Cost-Effective

Any pavement repair project will cost your business, but milling provides a cost-effective option for the results it brings forth. For one thing (as we’ll discuss next), the entire process doesn’t take long to complete, preventing extended downtime at your facility so your operations can get back up and running faster. On top of that, the material gathered from this process can be recycled for future projects, cutting costs at the source. Compare this to the more costly creation of fresh asphalt.

2. Minimal Time Investment

The actual duration of an asphalt milling project depends on the size of the parking lot, the machinery used, and other factors. Still, this process is far less time-consuming than asphalt parking lot paving, repaving, and cutting/patching a variety of damaged areas. Most facilities can’t afford to have their parking lots and driveways shut down for too long, so the quicker it’s done, the better.

3. Cures Multiple Asphalt Issues

Over time, your commercial area will contend with a whole host of issues. Cracks and potholes are the most common asphalt concerns, but you can also expect to find sagging, depressions, abrasions, bumps, and other problems. There are multiple ways to address each of these concerns, but asphalt milling can take care of them all (so long as the damage isn’t too deep). So, if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution to multiple minor-to-moderate parking lot problems, milling is a smart investment.

4. More Efficient than Other Repairs

Because asphalt parking lot milling is such a versatile form of asphalt restoration, it presents a highly efficient option compared to alternative repairs. Crack filling and cutting and patching are great for minor, isolated repairs, but if these problems extend to most of your parking lot, tackling these issues in this individual fashion becomes costly and time-consuming. Milling your parking lot instead allows you to address these concerns in one fell swoop, restoring your parking lot as a whole with the aid of powerful equipment.

5. Significantly Sustainable

Opting for more eco-friendly methods is both good for the environment and for your bottom line. As previously mentioned, the milling process collects most of the aggregate material it picks up as it grinds down deteriorated asphalt. These materials are stored and recycled for asphalt paving projects down the road, reducing the need for new asphalt creation (an energy-intensive process). Milling is also smoke-free and keeps dust production to a minimum.

The Will to Mill Your Parking Lot

Asphalt milling is cost-effective, quickly performed, versatile in its repair capabilities, highly efficient, and sustainable. What’s not to love? If your New England parking lot requires attention, talk to Cassidy Paving about milling and all the other asphalt services we have to offer.

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